Envisioning a world where every person knows how to avoid burn injuries and every relevant practitioner knows the best techniques to treat them.

BRCA Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to facilitating community and practitioner education about burn, wound and hand care. Founded in 2018, BRCA Foundation is continuously working to increase knowledge of burn prevention and burn care around the world.

Educational Opportunities


Kids of all ages can participate in educational experiences both live and virtually. Online courses designed for kids are available on this website – free of charge – that focus on burn prevention. Phoenix Powers®, BRCA Foundation’s superhero, travels to schools and community events to teach kids about burn safety.

Practioners of all Types

BRCA Foundation has education opportunities for all types of burn providers. EMTs, nurses, mid-levels, and physicians can learn about the latest best-practices for burn care.



BRCA Foundation was founded on three core values:


BRCA Foundation is a community organization. It was formed in order to focus on populations in and around Burn and Reconstructive Centers of America, LLC, service areas with the intent of bringing awareness to burn safety.


Excellence in burn education and prevention is a collaborative effort. In order to deliver quality burn education and programming it was understood that different teams of professionals must be involved in the research and delivery of content. BRCA Foundation is committed to working together with experts in the fields of both burn care, prevention and education.


Innovation in burn care, instructional design and prevention education are what make BRCA Foundation valuable to the community.