BRCA Foundation understands the need for burn prevention programming for youth. Additionally, we understand that the design of health education and prevention initiatives require specialized expertise in the area of public health. To this end, the burn safety prevention initiatives created and offered by BRCA Foundation both face-to-face and online are rooted in theories of health behavior and education and created by public health experts.

The benefit of the use of theoretical frameworks to design prevention programming is the evidence-based nature of their applications. The use of these theories of health behavior and education have been documented to be effective in health behavior change. Some of the health behavior and education theories used to create our youth burn safety prevention initiatives are:

Health Belief Model

Social Ecological Model

What types of youth prevention initiatives does BRCA Foundation offer?

School Programs

Health educators trained to implement our proprietary three-session youth burn prevention program travel to elementary schools to teach kids about burn safety. Our very own superhero, Phoenix Powers, will also make appearances during the three-session programs for younger kids in the classroom. This initiative is free-of-charge.

Community Programs

Similar to our school programs, health educators travel to community organizations, at their request, to implement our proprietary single-session youth burn prevention program. Phoenix Powers® makes appearances at these programs if age-appropriate. This initiative is free-of-charge.

Online Courses

BRCA Foundation provides free access to youth burn safety online courses via our website. Our online courses for kids are designed for maximum engagement and fun. Phoenix Powers makes her way into the online courses, presenting tips for burn safety and prevention for our learners. These courses are updated frequently and are also created with evidence-based pedagogical methodology in mind.